Among Us is TOO EASY to Hack get a mod menu in 5 minutes

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Among Us Hacks Mod Menu are very easy to download. Always Imposter, Teleport, Kill All and more Among Us Cheats. Among Us Hacks for IOS, Android and PC are here are are far too easy to get. #AmongUs

Using MODS in Among Us in 2021 ?

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0:00 Intro
2:03 I attempt to mod my Among Us game
3:10 Testing the mod menu
5:37 Using cheats online
7:42 Enabling OP cheats
9:10 Outro

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We upgraded the groupset on our Nukeproof Scout Sport as part of our Project Upgrade series. Here’s how we installed a brand new SRAM GX Eagle groupset to our suped-up bike!


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1. Get started by removing the chain
2. Now remove the crank using an 8mm allen key on the non driveside
3. Remove the spacer from the non driveside crank axle
4. Remove the preload spacer
5. Using rubber mallet, strike the axle and remove
6. Time to remove the bottom bracket. Using the bottom bracket removal tool, undo the non driveside bottom bracket cup. Remove the driveside bottom bracket cup remembering it’s got left hand threads
7. Ok you can now fit the bottom bracket. Apply anti seize paste onto threads and bottom bracket shell . Just so you know – the 73mm bb shell needs no spacers on the Nukeproof Scout. Screw in the driveside bb cup, making sure you rotate towards back of bike – it has left hand threads. Add anti seize to other bb cup. Screw in the non driveside bb cup. Tighten with the bottom bracket tool. Fit bigger of the two external spacers to driveside bb cup. Apply grease to crank axle. Ensure preload spacer is tight to crankarm. Insert crank axle through non driveside bb cup. Attach driveside crankarm to axle. Tighten fully using 8mm allen key – we tightened these bolts to the recommended torque. There will be lateral movement with the cranks Push driveside crank as far as it’ll go. Tighten preload spacer by hand to remove lateral movement. Lock preload spacer with 2mm allen key. Spin cranks and check they turn freely

1. First thing you need to do is lock the chain whip onto cassette
2. Insert cassette removal tool
3. Hold chain whip tight and turn cassette removal tool anti clockwise

1. We’ve had to fit an XD driver to the hub on these wheels
2. Now slot cassette onto xd driver
3. Tighten with cassette tool

1. Loosen cable clamp on rear mech
2. Cut the rear mech inner cable
3. Using a 5mm allen key, remove rear mech
4. Bolt on new rear mech using 5mm allen key

1. Remove old shifter. Remove grips using 2.5mm allen key. Remove brake lever using a 5mm allen key. Remove shifter lever with 4mm allen key
a. Loosen gear shifter. Remove inner cable by holding outer and pulling cable through
2. Fit bar mount to the new shifter for adding to bar using a 4mm allen key. Insert cable inner into cable outer. Feed inner cable through. Lock mech out. Insert cable into rear mech and feed it through until it comes past cable clamp. Loosen pinch bolt with 4mm allen key. Feed cable through guide on mech and tighten cable clamp. Trim cable to desired length
3. New chain. Feed through seatstay. Feed through rear mech to the right of upper jockey wheel ten down through left of bottom jockey wheel
4. Shorten chain. To get right length unlock rear mech and work out where you’re going to break the chain. Break chain. Lock rear mech. Attach power link which is directional so attach it the right way with masterlink pliers. Unlock rear mech

1. Screw in your high limit screws half way. Move shifter to last gear (the hardest gear) then while pedalling unscrew the limit screw until it shifts to the smallest cog without clicking
2. Screw in your low limit screws half way. Move shifter to top gear (the easiest gear) then while pedalling unscrew the limit screw until it shifts to the largest cog without clicking
3. Set cable tension. Change down to last gear. Loosen cable clamp. Pull through excess cable. Tighten pinch bolt. Check tension by pedalling and going up and down cassette. If the chain does skip, use barrel adjuster on gear shifter to tweak
4. Set b tension using the SRAM B Gap Adjustment tool. Move chain into second gear. Attach the chain gap measurement tool to the derailleur upper pulley. Now adjust the b adjust screw until the tips of the teeth of the largest cog align with the groove of the chain gap tool. Remove the chain gap tool from the derailleur
5. Clip cable end cap onto cable

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