Careers in Bug Hunting Security Now 704

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— The increasing feasibility of making a sustainable career out of hunting for software bugs
— A newly available improvement in Spectre mitigation performance and who can try it now
— Adobe’s ColdFusion emergency and patch,
— More problems with A/V and self-signed certs
— A Docker vulnerability being exploited in the wild
— The end of Coinhive
— A new major Wireshark release
— A nifty web browser website screenshot hack
— Continuing troubles with the over-privileged Thunderbolt interface
— Bot-based credential stuffing attacks

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Steve Gibson, Leo Laporte

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This week, James is joined by friend of the show Jb Evain, Developer Lead of Visual Studio Tools for Unity, who introduces us to developing games with Unity and Visual Studio for Mac.Unity is a game creation environment you can use to create high quality cross-platform games for all the major mobiles, desktops, consoles, AR and VR devices and even the web! Better yet, you get to use C# and .NET to script your games! What better C# IDE is there than Visual Studio? In this show, we’ll focus on Unity game developers on macOS, we’ll look at using Visual Studio for Mac to write and debug Unity games.


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Visual Studio for Mac Tools for Unity
Unity – Game

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