Generate 5Figures a Month with Affiliate SEO | Matt Diggity | Show Me The Nuggets Podcast E01

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Welcome to our first episode of the Show Me The Nuggets Podcast! Our special guest for this episode is Matt Diggity from Diggity Marketing and he shares with us how he generated 5-figures a month with Affiliate SEO.

Matt Diggity went from being a miserable office guy to being a free man, traveling around the world, thanks to SEO. Today, he is helping others achieve the same through his Diggity Marketing blog and consultations. He is also looking forward to his 3rd Chiang Mai SEO Conference this year with some of the greatest people in the industry.

In this interview, Matt talks about his amazing SEO journey, sharing his best insights on affiliate SEO, guest post outreach, how to hire the best SEO folks, and much more!

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