Hack scrap points In nfs no limits 2.3.6

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Today I show you how to hack scrap points in nfs no limits 2.3.6

Pls dont exceed the value above 9 digits of scrap points
like 999,999,999 not more than this
if you generate above 9 digits after some purchase it will become the same as you have before hack

enjoy the video

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Please read description

I made a scrap guide. Scrap is very important due to tuner trials. Its important to not waste tuner trial days farming anything less than legendary materials. Scrap is a form of currency used to buy the best part available for the specific car class.
We know that cash is the easiest form of currency to receive and the biggest cash drops comes from boss races when all blueprints have been collected (7.5k, 15k, 20k drops appear).
When you do have enough cash you can pick up 20k classic crates to get either materials or blueprint items. (Its important to have a repuation level of over 80 for this).
You can farm about 200-300k scrap per every 500k – 1mil $$ you use. Yes please keep in mind to always have cash reserves for material installs also.
After buying the crates you can afford your storage will overflow so you will then need to scrap out what dont want to remain.
It may take a bit of grinding.. but for those that dont want to waste valuable time fsrming less than legendary or are less than vip5. It is a very good method to stay on top and bring out the best of your cars potential from the beginning.

I hope this guide makes somewhat sense to you and if you are stuck or need further assistance then comment below.
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Thank you all

- Need for Speed No Limits Online Hack -