How to hack need for speed no limits V5.0.41 requires a jailbreak

- Need for Speed No Limits Online Hack -

(For AppSync)
(For Filza)

Since I was often asked (chats / comments) how to hack a Pos. I show you in this video how to hack a Pos yourself ūüôā

Link for Hack App Data Pro


? Watch it on tablet for no more black border

(Difficult for iOS and Huaweii)

Some stat codes
K3RhdAUCAHG1yow%3D lvl120
undhdAUCADYJeUY%3D lvl1000
(Ask me for the suprise speed code if you want hehe)

Level code for Pos
lvl96 MGxheQUCAM%2Bz3uc%3D

Animal codes
XG5pbQUCALY043Q%3D Pinguin
Vm5pbQUCAEAJA5Q%3D Tiger
Wm5pbQUCAD8rs5Y%3D Crocodile
SW5pbQUCAMRY2p4%3D Zebra
V25pbQUCAJuChuw%3D Cheetah
S25pbQUCADNezlw%3D Boar
VG5pbQUCANtppgU%3D Lion
Sm5pbQUCAFNbnio%3D Hippo
Q25pbQUCAJaBdB8%3D Gorilla
vn5pbQUCAFAJA5Q%3D Rhinoceros
R25pbQUCAKAROak%3D Camel
Qm5pbQUCAHesroA%3D Elephant
RW5pbQUCAOJiZ%2F0%3D Buffalo
SG5pbQUCAAav3Dk%3D Gazelle

*You can land in HH (HackerHell)*

If you need help write me on..
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- Need for Speed No Limits Online Hack -