Need For Speed No Limits: Ford Shelby GT500 | Fastlane (Day 1 – Cruise)

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Fastlane is back on my channel, and this one’s special. NFS No Limits is unveiling a newer, cheaper, simpler way of adding a special ride to your collection without finishing their special event. This week’s prize is the stock non-Snoop Dogg version of the Ford Shelby GT500, fully customizable with its own special livery(ies). This 6-day event is separated into 3 tiers: bronze, silver, and gold. Reaching bronze tier will guarantee you some blueprints and replay races, enough for you to get the car when the event ends. Reaching silver tier will get you the stock model, 2-star model and give you opportunities to get more blueprints to stage up. Reaching gold star (basically finishing all 6 days) will get you the car you see in this video, plus any upgrades you’ve put on it during the event. To save time and headache, I’d go for the gold tier, but those who don’t overachieve have a chance to win the car, too. It’s the game’s approach of being more suitable for anyone.

Note: all gameplay and editing were done by me, however, I do not own the rights to EA, Firemonkeys, Need For Speed, Ford, Rogue, Notaker, or Monstercat. Enjoy!

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