Need For Speed No Limits Ultra Graphics on Bluestacks!

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Wonder how to create a mod on RR3? Check this out: “Real Racing 3 Modding Tutorial EP 3: How to create your own game mod?”


THIS MOD WORKS FOR all versions above 1.1.7!!!

Gimbus Moding Facebook Page (link to download mod):
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More performance draining graphics (all things maxed out):

Link to Aderno version of NFS NL 1.1.5:

Thx again to Gimbus Moding for the modification tutorial of graphics! Now it looks close to ultra graphics that we can see on Nvidia Shield (except the reflection of cars)!
Please be noted that this tutorial doesn’t require root, and it can also apply for improving the graphics, it is not necessary to be ultra if your device cannot handle such beautiful graphics, which can done by editing the file yourself.

For anyone who loses access to their account and has to start over, here is a link to Firemonkey’s support.

My channel is all about modding RR3, RR3 updates, in game customization and a few more! Weekly updates would be available until March 2016.

Music: 1st: Aquatic Poseidon
2nd: Cityscape- Maziev

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