Star 2 The Battle Cats UL09 Pararila Peninsula

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00:00 – Escolar Coast
Standard Hermit Cat stack to snipe out all Dolphina and Nyandam. Note that the Dolphina is 300% here. Hermit Cat no longer can tank their attack. Use Thunderbolt to freeze up the dolphins to allow Hermit Cat pass the danger zone unharmed. Also TBear is very great to remove Wall Doge population. They are weak individually. But once they stacked, they can create unneeded pushing power.

If you don’t have Hermit Cat, Leauger Cat is good replacement


01:23 – Project Walrus
Weak-ass star alien.

Recommended Uber/Legend
– Any LD unit. Plus point if it has anti-angel ability


02:23 – Loach Breach
holy blast spam


03:49 – Seagull Reserve
450% Zeal. It’s…not that bad.

There are three of them and they respawn in short time. But thanks to clogging enemy limit, the last Zeal come out much much later so you can use your Holy Blast on it. The rest is standard space management.

Recommended Uber/Legend
– Any Zombie Killer unit
– Anti-zombie tanker


06:10 – Roe Row
Stack wave/LD unit to create big snipe DPS for Tackey. Accumulate anti-metal CC to subdue the SMH. I use Hoopmaster over Puppetmaster because they have slower speed so they won’t run into SBK during boss wave.

Recommended Uber/Legend
1. Wave/LD unit with main range 350 or below. Ganglion, Cats in the Cradles, Divine Myrcia, Dark Lil Valkyrie, etc


07:44 – Heron’s Call
One of hardest stage of v9.8 Star 2 UL. Immortal angels, M.Ost that refuses to die, insane pushing power, backliner that 1HKO anyone, and more importantly no cash generator.

Your best shoot to beat this stage is, again, Cyberstack. To start it, you need to deplete all starting peons population to 2 Mr. Angels. By then, you can start stacking without worry. The minimum stack needed is 3 (with Slow Up combo)

Recommended Uber/Legend
1. Any anti angel backliner.


Cat Unit
1. Normal Cat Lv100
2. Manic Cat Lv40
3. Lil Flying Lv80
4. Legend unit Lv30
5. Other units mostly Lv40

1. Doctor Cat. Relic typing
2. Psychocat. Zombie typing
3. Pizza Cat. Wave ATK Lv10
4. CanCan. Double Bounty
5. Cyberpunk. Slow Up Lv10, Survivor Lv10
6. Ramen Cat. Curse Resist Lv10

Cat Combo
1. none
2. none
3. Cannon Recharge Up Small + Medium
4. none
5. none
6. none

Talent Orb


The Sky of Mach’s Era

umbra city


- Need for Speed No Limits Online Hack -